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Kump Education Center Receives Funding from Citizens Bank For Targeted Tutoring

Date: January 14, 2022

ELKINS-The Kump Education Center is set to begin a new targeted tutoring program for twenty elementary students this month thanks to the financial support of Citizens Bank of West Virginia. The KEC is offering ten weeks of afterschool tutoring on basic math and reading skills, which will help prepare fourth and fifth-grade students for year-end testing.

“Our goal is to provide a safe and successful spring season of helping children develop better academic skills,” said KEC Executive Director Heather Biola. Trained tutors will provide one-on-one assistance to students who their teachers had recommended. The tutoring will occur in the Altice Learning Lab at the Kump Education Center, and proper Covid-19 protocol will be followed.

“We know the added stress of the pandemic and disruptions to the traditional school experience have caused many students to fall behind, especially in reading and math,” she added. The program is designed to encourage students to set their own target goals for academic achievement.

Recognizing the effect the pandemic has had on education, Citizens Bank of West Virginia committed $3,000 to help students with some extra assistance adversely impacted by not being in the classroom for an extended time.

“We are pleased to support the Kump Education Center’s targeted tutoring efforts to accelerate student achievement,” commented Nathaniel S. Bonnell, President & CEO of Citizens Bank. “We are confident that our sponsorship of this program will ensure several Randolph County students get back on track with a path to future success in their education.”

Visit the Kump Education Center Facebook page for more information about the Targeting Tutoring program. The program is subject to postponement or cancellation due to Covid-19 concerns. The Kump Education Center is located at the historic Kump House, 401 Randolph Ave. owned by the City of Elkins.


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