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KEC Offers After-School Math Enrichment Program

February 1, 2023

ELKINS- The Kump Education Center (KEC) is currently offering a unique math enrichment program called "Math Magic." The free after-school program is designed for fourth and fifth-grade elementary students from Third Ward, North, and Jennings Randolph elementary schools.

The KEC worked with Randolph County Board of Education Math Coordinator Tammy Tucker in creating a curriculum based on materials from Stanford University called "Youcubed." These materials stimulate a student's mind to use spatial reasoning to develop strategies rather than memorization.

The second program methodology uses "Number Talks." In this approach, teachers listen to various ways students think about solving a problem and encourage them to find the best way to reason through the process.

According to KEC Director Dr. Heather Biola, Davis & Elkins College students affiliated with the college’s Teacher Education Program and Career Service Center are serving as math mentors. Citizens Bank of West Virginia provided staff funding for the mentors, and Davis Trust Company offered additional funding for mobile whiteboards. The use of whiteboards encourages students to stand up and try various solutions to math problems.

"We thank everyone in the Elkins community who has helped us create an active learning center at the historic Kump house," said Dr. Biola. "Without their wonderful support, the Kump Education Center could not do the vital work of providing innovative instruction and research results. Progress in education comes from this thoughtful work, and our community will benefit."

Davis and Elkins College student Dezmon Johnson assists a participant in the Kump Education Center's Math Magic after-school program. The ten-week math enrichment program is designed for fourth and fifth graders from several local elementary schools.

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